Sunday, 24 May 2009

ABET EC 2000 Criteria Series (1)

An Ability to Apply Knowledge of Mathematics, Science and Engineering

The big question regarding the topic above is how do I develop and enhance this skill?

The best approach is to work as many problem as possible in all of courses.
I have to spend time for analyzing were, when and why I have difficulty in easily arriving at successfull solutions.

Some times taking time to think about the problem and how I should solve it will always save my time and frustation in the end

There are also six step roblem solving techniques:
(1) Carefully identifying the area where I have difficulty solving the problem
(2) Improve my defficiencies in understanding and (3) ability to use correctly certain mathematical principles
(4) Returning to my fundamental math text and (5) carefully review the appropriate sections and in some cases work some example problem in that text
(6) Keep nearby always alll my basic mathematics, science and engineering textbooks.

This process continually looking up material that I thought I had acquired in the earlier courses, and it may seem very tedious at first, however, as the skill develop and my knowledge increase, this process will become easier and easier.

Many people believed it is very process that led some one from being a much less than average student to some one who could earn the success in the future.

ABET EC 2000 Criteria Series (1)

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