Wednesday, 21 April 2010

Lyrics for a portrait of engineering students

Saari umra hum
All our lives,
Mar mar ke jee liye
we've barely lived.
Ek pal to ab humein jeene do
Let us live a little now,
Jeene do
if only for a moment.

Give me some sunshine
Give me some rain
Give me another chance
I wanna grow up once again.

Kandhon ko kitabon
Books weight,
Ke bojh ne jhukaya
drooped our shoulders.
Rishvat dena to khud
Of all people,
Papa ne sikhaya
dad taught us to bribe.
99% marks laaoge to ghadi,
A watch for 99% test scores,
varna chhadi
and a cane for anything less.

Likh likh kar pada hatheli par
All that writing blistered,
Alpha, beta, gamma ka chaala
our palms with Alpha, Beta and gamma.
Concentrated H2SO4 ne poora
Concentrated H2SO4,
Poora bachpan jalaa daala
combusted our childhood.

Bachpan to gaya
We lost our childhood,
Jawani bhi gayi
We lost our prime.
Ek pal to ab humein
Let us live a little now,
Jeene do jeene do
if only for a moment.

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